Monday, July 14, 2014

May DYO Block

Well, sure. Two days before the July meeting, let's get the instructions for the May block posted, okay?

May's block was designed by Roni.

It is a 6½" (unfinished) block.

Since I've done the unthinkable and cleaned up my sewing area, the original instructions are "in a safe place". A call to Susie got me this, though:

Using the dies with the GREEN labels,
Cut one F from white
Cut two Es from blue
Cut two Es from red

DON'T do what I did with the colors. The center should be white, the corners should alternate between red and blue, as shown in Roni's original sketch.

It probably doesn't come as a surprise that I had some problem with this block. Or the blockhead that was trying to sew it.  I found that I needed to use a REALLY scant ¼" seam to get the block to the correct size.  Did anyone else experience that, or am I (again) special?


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